• The Celebration Of Genius

    Ask a person what an Eames chair is and there is a good chance they might know, recognise it, or if they are lucky, own it!

    Tell a person Charles and Ray Eames were accomplished artists and painters and they may believe it but without previously knowing it.

    Tell a person the Eames Office made and released some 77 original films and there is a real possibility they never had a clue!!

    2018 has seen the release of some of those special films for private sale and in celebration of that, we have given them their own specialty category! All films are both original and vintage, housed in their metal containers and in 16mm format, many with opticle sound.

    Seldom do opportunities come along to find rare pieces of history such as these and they are available right now. Whats more is that the films on offer happen to be some of the very best and most well known of the work of Charles and the Eames Office. You will find The Powers Of Ten, Black Ships, The Look Of America, India, Information Machine, Atlas among other greats.

    Find them all here and enjoy: 

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