What's New In At Eames Furniture?

Nothing excites us more than new arrivals!! This week find a George Nelson Roller desk, a mint condition Zenith 1st gen shell and a cherry wood lounge chair!

Roller top desks are not easy to come by, especially full working, smooth and looking so darn good! A marvelous piece of design, this genuine beauty is available right now.

First generation Eames productions always get us going. But imagine our amazement at one so perfect as this. In what can only be described as mint condition, every detail of this shell is just too good to put into words, take a look for yourself.

Eames Lounge Chairs and Ottomans never fail to get our attention! This week sees a lovely 90's / early 2000's Cherry wood with black leather. The nice amber wood tones combine beautifully with the deep black of the leather!