Q. Who or what is Eames.com?

A. Anything and everything originally designed by the mercurial husband and wife design duo, Charles and Ray Eames.  We, like millions of others, are lovers of all things Eames and we are a marketplace for all things vintage and original!  Whats more, eames.com is independent and has no commercial links to the Eames office or the manufacturers of new products, authorised or otherwise.


Q. What does Authentic, Original and Vintage mean in regards Eames products?

A. Eames designs have been used to inspire whole generations of designers and furniture makers since their heyday form the early fifties to late sixties. Authentic can be considered Eames pieces made by licensed factories. Original and vintage can be considered those that are old, antique and rare to find.  The last 10 years has seen a great many reproduction companies make their own versions of Eames designs. Though legal and in many cases a good functional copy, these can be considered neither original, authentic or vintage.


Q. If the Eames' were the designers, who manufactured their products?

A. Most Eames furniture designs are synonymous with Herman Miller, the US furniture giant and indeed for decades, right up to this day, Herman Miller can be considered the main manufacturer and facilitator of all Eames furniture designs. But prior to Herman Miller there was a few other companies involved in the original development of their furniture products. These include Evans (manufactured plywood products) and Zenith Plastics (the original company used by the Eames' to make the shell chairs and later bought by Herman Miller). 


Q. Who is Vitra, do they not make original products?

A. Yes. Vitra has the rights for authorised and original Eames pieces in Europe and the Middle East. Although not part of the design or development of any of Eame's pieces, Vitra's products are high quality and have been making them since 1957 when they were first enlisted to actually make them on behalf of Herman Miller, before later taking the reigns on license. 


Q. Why buy an original, vintage or authentic Eames product?

A. You know what they say, the old ones are the best!  Buy yourself an original Eames furniture design and not only will you own something of pure visual beauty and practical use but you will be making an investment that will never depreciate. The old ones and the rarer ones hold the most value and their prices have rocketed up over recent years. Modern day versions still made now (By Herman Miller or reproductions of Vitra) will never be worth the same as aged 'vintage' versions or those of first productions - just like books or records or even art.


Q. Where do you deliver to?

A. All over the main EU countries and some beyond.  See the shipping page for more details. Our shipping rates are really competitive.


Q. Where do you find your stock?

A. You might find us up at 5 am to travel to antique fairs, or travelling cross country to garage and yard sales, to private sellers and commercial liquidations.  If there are Eames to be found, we are always looking!


Q. Do you buy as well as sell?

A. Indeed we do, if you have something interesting and mid century get in touch today. Preferable designs by Charles and Ray Eames but we consider all things. Only Original and vintage pieces of course.