1 x Original Authentic Vitra Verner Panton S Chair - Ocean Blue

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Product Description

Verner Panton was determined to construct a chair made from a single piece of material and thus the 'S' Panton Chair was eventually born.

Originally made for Vitra in re-enforced fiberglass (like the Eames shells) the material of choice changed in the 1990's to the more flexible polypropylene. 

This chair is in a gorgeous ocean blue which must rank as one of Vitra's best choices.

Individual Characteristics


Typically, Panton S Chairs see quite a bit of life and are made to be durable and practical in so many situations. You will find some cosmetic marks but you should also be able to clean the majority of those away. One or two light marks may be found too.

Investment Details

The Verner Panton 'S' chair is made to be used and thoroughly enjoyed. Early fiberglass editions have high investment value now however the later Poly versions will remain entry level cost and accrue more slowly.

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