1 x Vitra AG Original Authentic Eames Soft Pad Office Chair - Black Leather

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Product Description

A really nice authentic Eames soft pad office chair from Vitra in a gorgeous combination of sleek black leather on top of an all black painted frame.

Vitra have been making authentic and licensed versions of the alu group chairs for many years and are the producers by license for Europe. They are renowned for their superior quality in material and construction.

In a nice vintage condition.

Individual Characteristics

This is the perfect example of the used office chair. Some great ageing with creases in the leather and the odd marks here and there as well as some minor wears to the frame.

Overall a really nice example of a rare colour combination Soft Pad Chair.

Investment Details

Alu group office chairs always command a good resale value, due to the quality of the manufacture. this has the more coveted black leather and as such the value will retain and rise better than many.

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