Aquamarine Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

An exceptionally amazing find. This is, we believe, a contract colour christened ‘Aquamarine’. This original Eames and Herman Miller DSW chair is stunning. Contract colours were made available if the chair was ordered in a large quantity. This particular version is an excellent blend of seafoam and blue creating a truly astounding colour which is only more astonishing when seen ‘in the flesh’.

The availability of contract colours allowed customers to personalize their chairs to cater for whatever space they wanted to use them in. The ability to do this extended the diversity of these chairs, truly making them relevant and stylish no matter the environment.

Individual Characteristics

In respects of its colour, this chair is a rare version of the iconic shell chair. Its condition is exemplary and it has been well looked after.

The used DSW base is in a good used condition.

The ‘H’ stamp on the underside of the shell indicates it is a contract shell.

Investment Details

The Eames shell chair collection is a much coveted piece of their work. As with most vintage pieces, their investment value is determined by age, condition and rarity; in this case colour. With Eames chairs this is also boosted by their originality. This chair, being a contract colour, is a rare side shell which is in excellent condition for its age. This should prove to be a very reasonable investment piece.

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