Ash Herman Miller Original Eames Molded Plywood FSW6 Folding Screen

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Product Description

A gorgeous example of an Eames moulded plywood folding screen in a beautiful ash wood. This original screen by Herman Miller maintains the original 1940s design with its elegant folding system and stylish appearance which allows it to be moved into a multitude of different positions and stored away safely.

The Eameses loved moulding wood. Their fascination began before the Second World War and resulted in them designing wooden leg splints for the US Navy – see our box of them in our ‘Rare Accessories’ section. They finally began to work on their dream, a moulded wood chair. Their efforts resulted in the Moulded Plywood selection.

The fascination led them to expand the range of products available and the folding screen was one of them. The stylish design was typical of the era which sought new and different ideas to furnishing your home. The perfect divider, this screen could be used to separate sections of rooms, as a statement piece or as a privacy piece.

Individual Characteristics

As a distinctive version of the iconic plywood range, this used newer version is in good condition but does show signs of its use with some small dints and chips around its edges. The beautiful white ash finish is not marred and the screen folds up perfectly.

When open, the screen measures 172.20cm tall x 152.40cm wide x 6.35cm deep.

Investment Details

As Eames’ enthusiasts, we always try to find the best examples of their work. Whilst newer examples of their products may not necessarily be the exact same as the vintage originals, with new colours/finishes/variants available, we believe they still envisage the original vision the Eames’s had. This means that, whilst not as immediately seen as an investment prospect, these versions may become ones due to the quality of the construction and because of what they stand for. This piece does show some signs of its life and may be a little lower on the investment value scale, but it is a great example of an original Eames screen.

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