Baby Blue Original Vitra Eames RAR Rocking Arm Chair

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Product Description

A bright baby blue original Vitra fiberglass arm shell really stands out on its light, used, later RAR rocking base. The Eames designed shell fizzes and lights up any room it is placed into in this wonderfully vibrant colour and, coupled with its rocking base, makes for a perfect lounge rocking chair.

Vitra began producing the Eames shell chair line after Herman Miller granted them a license to do so, allowing Herman Miller to distribute within Europe. They utilized the same molding techniques and produced fiberglass shells up until 1993, when the material was changed to polypropylene plastic.

This gorgeous colour was one of Vitra’s own additions and is arguably one of their most popular versions and it is easy to see why.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in good used condition. It does have a few marks around the edges but this is consistent with age. The eye-catching colour is still strong and has not faded in any areas.

The small ‘V’ indicates this is a Vitra produced shell.

Investment Details

Much like with many things, when collecting it is always originality and condition that are the strongest determining factors when trying to evaluate an items investment potential. With Eames shells, the rarity of the colour and the producer do affect this too. As an original Vitra shell chair this will be a reasonable investment piece.

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