Beech Herman Miller Original Eames Segmented Oval Contract Table

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Product Description

This original Eames beech contract table for Herman Miller is a stylish piece for any office or home environment. The beauty of the Eames’s original design is that the large array of these types of tables are extremely versatile, which this particular example demonstrates very well.

Contract tables were made in so many shapes and sizes and with so many base types the possibilities of how and where to use them was limitless. Their design began with the introduction of the Aluminum Group by Charles and Ray when they were asked to help furnish J Irwin Miller’s house. The four-star, later changing to five-star, base was the common feature across the chairs and table produced under this label.

Individual Characteristics

The table has been used in a showroom and has been rather used as a result. It is still strong and sturdy but the top will need a bit of a clean. The base reflects the same use but will look better for a clean too.

The label on the underside indicates this table is a newer version by Herman Miller.

Measures roughly 151 cm long x 90 cm wide x 72.5 cm high.

Investment Details

Contract tables don't always command as high a price as they deserve, unless they are rarer configurations rarer ones will hold and grow in value nicely. As a thoroughly used piece its investment value may not be very high, but as a good usable version it is excellent.

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