Black Vinyl Set (4 + 2) Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered DSR Side and DAR Arm Chairs

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 Product Description

A very rare find, here we have a set of all black, original Herman Miller and Eames side and arm shell chairs with upholstery designed by Alexander Girard. To find these all black, vinyl, upholstered chairs in the same upholstered finish is really quite remarkable and they would be perfect for any dining or living arrangements you require with their easily cleanable surfaces and sturdy finish.

The Eames Shell chair has become a much coveted item, owing to its wide ranging versatility and the range of bases the shells were offered upon. Upholstered versions were introduced with the assistance of the iconic Alexander Girard not long after the original, standard fiberglass shells were released and they came in many various forms. From all fabric to all vinyl, Girard utilised all he could to build an eclectic range of Eames tops for Herman Milller.

Individual characteristics

These all black beauties are in very good condition for their age with only a quick clean up required to make them shine again. It is worth noting that one of the side shells does have a small cut in the vinyl, but this is very small. 

The arm shells are excellent examples of early upholstered shells which have removable covers. Early upholstered shells were not stuck to the shells but had 'slip-on' covers, made with the intention of being interchangeable if the customer wanted.

The used bases are in very good condition, but natural wear has occurred on some.

The Arm Shells display the 2 triangles logo denoting their origin as from the General American Transport Company; one of the three original factories to produce the Eames shells.

The Side Shells display the crescent and star logo denoting their origin as from the Cincinnati Factory.

Investment details

Due to their being so popular, Eames shells are steadily gaining in value, though the rate at which they do so is determined by many factors. Aspects such as the age, origin, colour and condition of the shell all play a part in evaluating the shells worth. These particular shells are in very good condition and, though from different factories, these shells should prove to be worthy investments, especially as a set.