Blue Fabric Herman Miller Original Eames Ash LCM Lounge Chair Metal

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Product Description

A fantastic version of this iconic chair. An original used Herman Miller Eames LCM Chair has been finished in a wonderful Alexander Girard designed blue fabric. In excellent condition, this chair would make a great addition to any home environment.

The result of the Eames’s dream to produce an all wooden chair, this particular design was a later addition to the LCW and DCW chairs the Eames’s created. The Eames’s dream was to create a chair out a single piece of wood, but due to limitations, this proved to be difficult. Their efforts resulted in the ‘Lounge’ and ‘Dining Chair Wooden’ series, with the later inclusions of the ‘Lounge’ and ‘Dining Chair Metal’ frames as extra options.

Their efforts also resulted in the iconic shells chairs, pieces moulded from a single piece of plastic missed with fiberglass.

Individual characteristics

A great example of a more modern version of this iconic chair. The wood is in excellent condition and so is the trivalent frame. The fabric has no lifts or tears.

The sticker on the underside of the chair indicates this is a more modern Herman Miller chair.

Investment Value

The Eames plywood series have always maintained interest. Original chairs command high prices with condition and factory of origin being factors that affect how high this can be. Newer examples, with the addition of upholstery finishes, demand a reasonable price and, if kept in good condition, should see steady interest over time.

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