Blue Fabric Herman Miller Original Eames LCM Chair with Alexander Girard Fabric

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Product Description

An inspiring twist to a classic design. This original Eames LCM chair has been adorned in original Alexander Girard fabric for Herman Miller. As an addition to the moulded plywood selection, Herman Miller combined some of esteemed designer Alexander Girard’s fabrics to them, creating upholstered versions of these iconic chairs.

Alexander Girard was introduced to the Herman Miller Corporation by his good friend Charles Eames and he instantly began working for them. Girard produced a wide variety of textile designs which were used on many Herman Miller products and were even used on wallpaper. It was only natural that Girard’s textile designs were used on the Eames’s products, but it is only recently that Herman Miller applied some of Girard’s designs to their moulded plywood selection.

Individual characteristics

As a newer chair, the condition is very good. There are no chips or cracks in the wood and the original fabric is in excellent condition.

The sticker and labels on the underside of the seat indicate this is a newer Herman Miller chair.

A rather rare piece with its unique fabric design, as a commissioned piece, this chair is not a standard version from Herman Miller themselves, making it more unique than the other upholstered versions they offer of these gorgeous chairs.

Investment Value

The moulded plywood chairs have long been a much coveted item. Vintage versions, especially original ones from the Evan’s plant, are proving to be great investment pieces. As a newer example, the chairs’ investment value may not increase much immediately. However, being finished in a rare Alexander Girard designed Herman Miller fabric, this chair could prove to be a good investment piece.

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