Blue Herman Miller Original Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A fantastic combination. You can never go wrong with an original Herman Miller Eames blue fabric upholstered white arm shell on a used light wood RAR base. This amazing combination draws upon the classic combination of blue and white and mixes it with a fantastic light wood RAR rocking base.

The numerous options available for these iconic shells really allowed them to be an extremely versatile chair; the dream the Eames’s had when designing them. Available in a range of fabrics and vinyl’s, and even a combination of both, the range of colours and designs meant the arm and side shells could work in any environment.

Produced from a friendship, it was Charles Eames himself who introduced the esteemed Alexander Girard to Herman Miller which led to Girard becoming the head of textile design for Herman Miller and helping his friend Charles with producing these enticing finishes for these chairs.

Individual Characteristics

A wonderful example of a used newer example of this iconic shell; the blue fabric is in excellent condition with no lifts or tears whilst the shell displays no cracks or chips.

The logo embossed on the underside of the shell indicates it is a newer version of Herman Miller and Eames’s shell.

Investment Value

The Eames’ shells are highly desirable pieces. With many things, the age and condition can affect the shells’ value along with its colour, factory of origin and even the originality of the base it sits upon. With this being a newer example its initial investment value may be viewed as lower, but as time passes, and it kept in good condition, this shell should prove to be a reasonable investment.