Blue Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A wonderful example, here we have an all blue, original Herman Miller and Eames arm shell chair with upholstery designed by Alexander Girard. A newer example of this iconic chair, this beautifully deep blue arm shell with rich blue naugahyde upholstery sits gracefully on its dark wood RAR base, creating a very comfortable and relaxing lounge chair.

The Eames Shell chair has become a much coveted item, owing to its wide ranging versatility and the range of bases the shells were offered upon. Upholstered versions were introduced when the famous Alexander Girard, head of Herman Miller’s design department, was approached not long after the original standard fiberglass shells were released and they came in many various forms. From all fabric to all vinyl, to a mixture of the two, Girard utilised all he could to build an eclectic range of Eames tops for Herman Milller who have faithfully continued his vision by finishing their newer tops in upholstery Girard designed back in the late 50s and early 60s.

Individual characteristics

This all blue beauty is in very good condition with no cracks or dents in the shell and the upholstery has no lifts or tears.

The logos on the underside of the shell indicate it is a newer version of this iconic arm shell.

Investment details

Due to their being so popular, Eames shells are steadily gaining in value, though the rate at which they do so is determined by many factors. Aspects such as the age, origin, colour and condition of the shell all play a part in evaluating the shells worth. This particular shell, though new, is a gorgeous and slightly unusual colour combination and should prove to be a worthy investment.