Blue Herman Miller Original Molded Plywood Eames DCM Dining Chair

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Product Description

An original Herman Miller and Eames designed plywood DCM chair; this seafoam/blue wooden beauty will compliment any living or dining space. The DCM Chair pays homage to Charles and Ray’s celebrated DCW plywood chair, but uses the metal frame instead of the wooden one on the DCW. The DCW chair continued production throughout the decades changing ever so slightly with the fashion of the era. Due to its popularity, the DCM chair was introduced to bring an alternative choice to the fashionable piece. The construction of the DCM, much like the DCW, proved to be challenging and it eventually took aircraft inspired shock mounts stuck to the frame with glue which used radio waves to set it to make the chair work. These shock mounts later inspired the ones found on many fiberglass chairs for the many different bases that were produced.

Herman Miller has faithfully continued producing these chairs and continued to modernize them by including colour options to the range for both the wood and the bases. The expansion of the range displays how popular these amazing articles are and this chair pays perfect homage to Charles’s dream of molded plywood chairs being accessible to the masses.

Individual Characteristics

This particular version is a rather unique seafoam/blue version which is a used newer example and is in good condition. The original colour has faded over time but has left a very distinctive ‘seafoam’ colour which is very eye-catching.

The label on the underside indicates it is a newer version of the DCM chair by Herman Miller.

Investment Details

Whilst being a newer example of the iconic design, this chair will be slow to increase in value; however, due to the popularity and history behind these chairs, it will continue to be sought-after helping to increase the interest in this particular item, especially with the unique colour it is.

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