Blue Reclaimed G-Plan Storage Sideboard Cabinet

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Product Description

A reclaimed and upscaled G-Plan cabinet in blue and with a mosaic-like coloured pattern truly lives up to the original G-Plan idea of modern style. The G-Plan range began in 1953 and was the product of Donald Gomme, the son of Ebenezer Gomme who had produced traditional furniture since the Victorian era. The new range hit the market by storm, with their ‘floaty’ look on ‘spindly’ legs, the products ranged from cabinets to wardrobes to chairs and more.

This particularly striking cabinet exemplifies the ‘floating’ look with its iconic hairpin legs. The inside of the cabinet is dark wood, maintaining the traditional look of the G-Plan cabinets from the 60s. The furniture went through a few evolutionary changes, but the iconic look and style of the products have always maintained popularity due to their versatility. 

Individual Characteristics

The blue ‘shell’ is in very good condition with only some age related marks evident. The interior of the cabinet is in excellent condition as are its shelves.

The iconic hairpin legs are sturdy and rigid, a short time spent cleaning will bring the shine back.

The sticker on the inside of the door indicates this is from 1965-1975.

Cabinet measures (in length, depth and height): 162.50cm x 46cm x 70.5cm

Investment Details

G-Plan is a name synonymous with design, even today with their modern products. Original, vintage, items are rapidly gaining interest as their design prowess is being recognized. This particular cabinet is in amazing condition and with its striking coloured finish and on its original hairpin legs should prove to be a good investment.