Blue Vinyl Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered DAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

It says a lot when a dining or living chair is viewed as art. This original Eames and Herman Miller DAR chair with Girard’s vinyl finish easily boasts this. The deep blue vinyl finish helps the white of the shell shine whilst being easy to clean. Sat upon a used black DAR base, it is easy to understand how this iconic design has retained its popularity so effortlessly through the decades.   

The design of the shell has not changed over the many years it has seen production, with only changes to the mounts and the introduction of the upholstered finishes being implemented. The design director for Herman Miller (and the Eames’s friend) Alexander Girard was approached to help design upholstered finishes for the side and arm shells. Girard was known for his extensive and dedicated approach to his work and, typical of his style, he produced a wide variety of options using fabric and vinyl for the Eames’s shell chairs.

Individual Characteristics

The arm shell is in good vintage condition with only some natural wear expected with age. The vinyl finish has no lifts or tears and the shell displays no cracks or dents.

The ‘S’ stamp signifies the shell originates from Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

The Eames shells are a great investment piece, but many factors affect how valuable they are. The origin of the shell, its age and even the colour can have an effect on its value. The generally good condition of the shell and upholstery, coupled with its’ colour, on this particular chair aids with its investment value.