Brown 1st Edition Vitra Original Eames Upholstered PACC White Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A height adjustable, upholstered, Vitra 1st edition original Eames PACC Chair is perfect for office use with its comfortable seat and working castor base. The perfect chair for any home office or office environment. Its rather unique base, with the presence of the gas lift lever, indicating its being a Vitra chair, makes for an easily usable chair.

Vitra began producing Eames designed products under the licence of Herman Miller, opening up the European market for the US based company. This particular chair was designed by the Eameses to be used at any office desk and they utilized their fiberglass shells to create this. This means the chair was available in 2 variants; this arm chair (PACC or Plastic Arm Chair Castor base) and the side chair (PSCC or Plastic Side Chair Castor base), widening the versatility of these iconic designs. 

Individual Characteristics

The brown hop-sack upholstery is in very good condition with no lifting or tears; the shell shows small signs of its age but a good clean will help this.

The unique castor base is a little aged, the chair will not sit at full height due to the age of the gas lift, but will lock in place, the price does reflect this.

The sticker found on the underside of the shell indicates their production by Vitra under Herman Miller.

Investment Details

Eames shells are much coveted. The resilience of their design is understandable due to their design being so modern, even by the standards of today. This means the interest rate of the shells is affected by many various factors; factors such as the age and condition of the shell, its colour and factory of origin all play a part when evaluating the value of the shell. Being one of Vitra’s first editions and with it being on a unique version of the castor base, this chair should prove to be a good investment piece.