Dark Ochre Herman Miller Vintage Eames DAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

An excellent find. This all original vintage Dark Ochre Eames DAR arm chair for Herman Miller is fantastic on its black DAR base with ‘domes of silence’ feet. This early Herman Miller dark ochre shell is a perfect example of the moment they extended the range of colours available. The popularity of the shells called for further colours to be added relatively quickly and this helped maintain their popularity. From this point upholstered options were offered, further increasing the diversity and versatility of the shells.

Early shells are defined by their highly fibrous finish. This chair has a wonderfully fibrous finishing spider-webbing the dark ochre colour. The bases the shells were offered on also expanded as their popularity grew. The most popular variants were the DSR/DAR metal ‘Eiffel’ base – seen on this particular chair – and the DSW/DAW wooden ‘Dowel’ base. Little changed in terms of the base design, but the most noticeable difference in regards to the DSR/DAR base is the change from ‘domes of silence’ to the standard slip on ‘foot’ seen on later versions.

Individual Characteristics

As an all original vintage chair this is in great condition. The shell does not have any dents or cracks in it and has retained its rich colour whilst the base is in good strong condition with only natural signs of age present.

The ‘H’ stamp indicates this is an early Summit Plastics shell for Herman Miller.

Investment Details

The Eames shells are highly collectable and their investment value is reasonable to good; though this, much like many vintage pieces, is determined by a number of factor. The age, condition and even colour of the shell determine how good the investment value of the shell is and the originality of the chair also aids this. Being an all original dark ochre arm shell on an original DAR base, this chair should prove to be a good investment piece.

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