Rare Emerson Vintage Original 1940's Eames Design Radio - Fully Working!

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Product Description

During the 1940's many of the leading designers of the times put their hand to designing radios. The Eames' were no exceptions, with this, one of a series of designs for Emerson.

Made of course with layers of moulded plywood for the body and with an Emerson radio insert

In great vintage condition.

Individual Characteristics

Plywood design box is in excellent vintage shape.

The radio is fully working. We do however advise some caution. If you are planning on using outside of the US please note the voltage differences. It may be that to be safe, you may need to wire correctly for the UK or EU circuits.

Investment Details

Some of the more curious and less reported Eames' designs are some of the most collected and desired. Not only is this radio in excellent vintage condition but is full working as well. It represent a very good investment that will continue to grow.

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