Green Vinyl Pair (2) Herman Miller Original Eames Upholstered Greige DAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A pair of vintage, Herman Miller produced, Eames greige arm shells are bolstered by the Alexander Girard designed dark green vinyl upholstery and used black DAR bases. Available on its own or as a pair, this is the perfect combination for any dining room, the vinyl finish is easy to clean whilst looking stunning with its rich shade of dark green complimenting the greige of the shell.

The Eames shells arm shell was introduced in 1950 with the side variant introduced in 1952-1953. As popularity grey for the iconic shells, new bases were introduced, helping to maintain the versatility of the chair, and Herman Miller’s design director, Alexander Girard, was commissioned to design upholstered finishes for the shells.

Older shells display a very fibrous finish, showing through the colour. These particular examples display a wondrous spider-web of fibres, defining their age, and is adorned with Girard’s vinyl upholstery which gave the chairs a very modern feel at the time of production. 

Individual Characteristics

The arm shells are in very good condition for their age with only some light marking along the edging. An hour or so of cleaning will help reduce this. The vinyl upholstery is in remarkable condition with no cuts or lifting.

The ‘S’ stamp signifies the shells originate from the Summit Herman Miller factory.

Investment Details

The Eames shells are a great investment piece, but many factors affect how valuable they are. The origin of the shell, its age and even the colour can have an effect on its value. The condition of the upholstery and the shells on these particular chairs aid with its investment value, especially if kept as a pair.