Green Herman Miller Vintage Eames Upholstered PAC Arm Chair

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Product Description

A vintage Herman Miller and Eames Arm shell with Alexander Girard’s Green hop-sack upholstery design on original contract base creates a unique office chair. The Eames’s shells were designed to be a very versatile chair and with the range of bases produced they have proven to be the case.

Charles and Ray began designing these iconic chairs in the 1940s and, after production began in the 1950s with the help of Herman Miller, they expanded the range from the standard fiberglass chairs to include upholstered variants that were designed with the help of the famous Alexander Girard.

Individual Characteristics

This particular shell is rare; both in its upholstered finish and since it is still on its original contract base. There is a faint cigarette burn on the fibre shell, but with some gentle cleaning the appearance of this should lessen; price reflects this.

The base is in very good condition.

Investment Details

The Eames Shell Chairs are a much coveted design piece and their investment value is determined by many various factors. The age of the shell, its colour and condition along with the factory of origin all play a role along with the originality of the base it is sat upon. This particular top is a rare finish and is on its original base and so should prove to be a very respectable investment piece once cleaned up.