Greige 3rd Generation Zenith Vintage Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A beautiful find. An original 3rd generation zenith Eames Greige arm shell in amazing condition is sat proudly on its used RAR rocking chair base. Greige was one of the first four colours these iconic shells were produced in offering a stunning yet neutral colour which, much like the Eames’s ideal, allowed this shell to be used in any chosen area.

Zenith Plastics was the first factory to produce the Eames’s famed shell chairs. The arm shell was the first to be produced, in 1950, and the side variant was offered as an option in 1952/53. Herman Miller aided in the production of the shells by offering financial assistance to help produce these shells.

Zenith chairs went through a few phases, being the first versions of these chairs. The first, and most sought-after, editions typically have a ‘rope edge’ marking on the edge of the shells, from the rope-edged moulds used to produce the shells, large shock mounts and a checkerboard label. Second and third generations were the most experimental phase with the shells undergoing various changes with regards to the undersides of the shells. The mounts became smaller and various embossed logos appeared on the underside.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in excellent vintage condition. The shell is unmarked with no chips or cracks and the colour untainted.

The three dots in the shape of a triangle indicate this shell is third generation zenith.

Investment Details

The Eames’s work is highly coveted. From their artwork to their furniture, their work attracts interest from everywhere. The shells are great investment piece, especially vintage ones. Like many things, their age, factory of origin and even colour can affect the shells’ value. This gorgeous example is a fantastic example of a late Zenith produced shell. The bold, untarnished colour coupled with the great condition of the shell will ensure this shell will gain interest over time.