Grey 3rd Generation Zenith Vintage Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

What could be better than an authentic Grey Eames Arm Shell? A Zenith Plastics one on an original RAR Rocking Base to be used in any living or reception space! With the high quality maple wood on their original metal frame of the rocking base, this really is a beautiful chair to own. The grey finish is a very popular choice and its highly ‘fibrous’ finish with no distinctive marking displays it is a Zenith Plastics top making this top even rarer.

With early designs beginning back in the 1940s, Charles and Ray’s fiberglass series really have accomplished their dream of designing a chair not only for the masses but that can be used for a wide variety of environments. The earlier chairs are defined by their highly ‘fibrous’, natural finish with later versions displaying a bolder finish to the colour.

Individual Characteristics

A much sought-after colour for these shells, coupled with its being from Zenith Plastics, this top is in great condition with no marks, scratches or chips.

The base displays signs of use, typical with its age, but with some cleaning, it will be sparkling again.

The three dots in a triangle with the backwards ‘Z’ in the middle with the presence of the Herman Miller label indicates this is a third generation Zenith chair.

Investment Details

Eames Shells are always a coveted piece, but their investment value is determined by many disciplines. The older the shell, for example, will add to its investment value along with the rarity of the colour, the age of the base and the origin of production. This particular example being a grey 3rd generation Zenith shell on an original base will prove to be a great investment piece.