Herman Miller Original Eames Brown Fiberglass DAR Eiffel Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A wonderful chocolate brown original authentic Eames Herman Miller DAR metal Eiffel Chair. A fantastic original shell arm chair on the most classic of bases.

This top represents part of the spectrum of colours the Eames Chairs came in. A wonderful chocolate colour, this top will easily be the centre of attention when placed into your desired room.  

Whilst the newer tops were somewhat bolder in colour, Herman Miller endeavored to retain the ‘Fibrous’ look of the shell which can still be seen on this great example.

Individual Characteristics

Being a newer example of the iconic Eames Shell top; this piece is in good condition with only minor wear visible. There are some superficial marks on the top but the price reflects this. With an hour or two of restoration, this top will be gleaming once again.

The emblem found on the base of the shell dictates it was made at the Herman Miller factory.

Investment Details

Eames Shells are always a coveted piece, but their investment value is determined by many disciplines. The older the shell, for example, will add to its investment value along with the rarity of the colour, the age of the base and the origin of production. This shell being a new example means its initial investment value may be lower, but over time, it will steadily appreciate.

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