Herman Miller Original 60s Vintage Rosewood & Black Leather Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman

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Product Description

A second generation (58-62) Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman for Herman Miller in the unbelievably good aged Dark Brazilian Rosewood and black leather.

The dark Brazilian Rosewood was the first and only choice of wood types during the 1st and 2nd generation lounge chairs and this remained the case until later years when lighter rosewoods and other wood types were introduced. 

This set is a second generation, denoted by the clip types, wood type and age. 

Individual Characteristics

This chair is stunning! The dark Rosewood is in such a good condition it is a joy to look at, and offset with the used but glorious leather panels.

After over 50 years of original use, the panels find their own place on the chair and may not be entirely flush. Wood is fantastic but the old original labels have long since departed.

Investment Details

Any Eames Lounge chair will likely have a special place in your home or office but a second generation in such a fantastic wood is going to be cherished. Only misses on a 5 star rating due to a missing label otherwise it is a high quality investment.