Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames Elliptical Table - Black Top

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Product Description

This superb example of the Herman Miller Eames Elliptical table is in an excellent used and vintage condition and will transform any space you decide to put it into. This one sports the black laminated top perfect for contemporary spaces.

Designed to sit in front of a long sitting row or sofa, the Elliptical table is a majestic design often also known as the surf board table. 

The long and oval shape is quite the different proposition from the average coffee table which tends to be square or round and rarely as long as this one. This is a design that only gets better with age, as modern and contemporary spaces get bigger, the need for furniture with a big impact becaomes even more important. 

Individual Characteristics

The table is in a great vintage condition with minor age related wear.

The black Eiffel 'LTR' base is in good condition.

Investment Details

The Elliptical table is not a design that is easy to find and especially in such a good condition. The value of this is high and it will continue to grow over the years. Can be considered a good investment item.

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