Oak Herman Miller Vintage Original Eames Molded Plywood DCM Dining Chair Metal Base

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Product Description

These fantastic Eames DCM (Dining Chair Metal Base) plywood chairs are available in a lovely oak veneer, each of which showing a gorgeous aged patina and really nice finish. 

Made of course with layers of molded plywood and metal chair frame.

In great vintage condition.

Individual Characteristics

The plywood has aged into a lovely colour and patina. Our DCM chairs range from mid 90s to early 2000s black strip and white strip labels.

The chairs have nice provenance coming from a college for adults and the chairs may have marks consistent with vintage use but they have all been really well respected.

The trivalent chrome finish bases are all in excellent condition too with no major blemishes and no missing feet at all.

Investment Details

The Eames plywood designs were the first to have a major commercial breakthrough. The earlier versions made by Evans products often command a 5 star investment rating. So versatile and still so popular today, you can expect interest in these will likely never fade and investment will grow.

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