Light Ochre Zenith Vintage Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A rare, third generation Zenith Eames arm shell in a unique light ochre looks exceptional on its complimentary dark wood RAR base. The unique finish of this shell, with its rather exclusive shade of colour and highly fibrous look is amazing. With the presence of only Herman Miller’s ‘H’ stamp, this is an excellent example of the most experimental phase for these shells during their final production time with Zenith.

Zenith Plastics were the first factory Eames used to produce the shell chairs and were only used for a short period before Herman Miller bought the factory. The first editions are famed for their rope edging and checkerboard logo and as they progressed through the generations the logos on the underside the shell changed. 3 dots in a triangle appeared, a backwards ‘Z’, Herman Miller’s ‘H’ logo began to appear and the introduction of smaller mounts changed the appearance of the underside of the shell. This was the point where the shells were beginning to take the well-known shape and form continued today, but this experimentation created a myriad display of logos and their combinations on the underside of the shells.

Individual Characteristics

This is a very unique version of these most experimental phase for the Eames shells. The colour is exquisite, as is the coveted fibrous look. The shell has been re-mounted after it was purchased without any mounts on it.

The ‘H’ logo indicates it was the point where Herman Miller had purchased Zenith Plastics and they were establishing the brand logo they wanted on the underside of the shells.

Investment Details

Eames shells vary in terms of investment value due to so many factors. The age, origin and colour of the shell coupled with its condition are key aspects along with the originality of the base the shell is upon. Since this is a third generation Zenith top, in such great condition, and a more obscure colour, this chair will prove to be a great investment piece.