Medium Grey Herman Miller Vintage Eames DSW Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

An iconic, vintage, rare and desirable Eames Herman Miller medium grey side shell on a lovely used dark maple DSW base is a perfect chair for any occasion.

This brilliant example is an excellent version of the iconic shell chair with lots of fibre and its rather professional colour. The fiberglass chairs have always been popular and their versatility is increasing this year by year. 

The earlier shells had a base colour and displayed the wondrous texture of the ‘fibres’ in the shell. Later versions of the shells, introduced by Herman Miller, could also be bought with an upholstered cover, from vinyl to fabric. To create the amazing patterns on the fabric finishes, Charles and Ray looked to the esteemed Alexander Girard to design them. 

Individual Characteristics

The chair is in very good condition for its age. There are no chips or cracks and only a general clean may be needed. The chairs price reflects its good condition. Sold on a second hand DSW dowel base in great condition.

The star and crescent logo marks the shells origin from the Cincinnati Milacron factory.

Investment Details

The investment value of these beautiful chairs depends on many factors: the age and condition of the shell, the rarity of its colour, the age of the base and where the shell was produced. Whilst all of the shell chairs are viable investments, this piece is a very reasonable investment piece being a great example of medium grey.

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