Natural 1st Generation Herman Miller Vintage Eames LCM Lounge Chair Metal Base

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Product Description

A natural finish original early version of the iconic Eames and Herman Miller LCM chair, this piece is a beautiful example of the Eames plywood chair. This completely originally chair is a testament to the original design and still looks fantastic today.

With the initial design dating back to the early 1940s, Charles and Ray launched this revolutionary style of chair from New York where they caught the eye of George Nelson himself who subsequently drafted them into Herman Millers’ employ. The earlier variants came with a wooden base, but as time passed, the Eames’s changed the base to metal and gradually made small changes to the molded shape of the plywood seat to maintain its modern look as the fashion trends changed.

The nature of this chair makes it perfect for any home or reception environment. Whilst originally designed more with the ‘Lounge’ aspect in mind, this chair could still prove to be a comfortable dining chair or as a stylish office reception chair. The versatility of this design coupled with its modern look makes it easy to understand why this is such a popular chair.

Individual Characteristics

The natural wood is in remarkable vintage condition. It has developed its own patina over the years, but there are no cracks or splits in the wood

The base shows natural signs of age but is in very good condition otherwise and still has all of its original feet.

The black medallion on the underside of the chair indicates this is an early Herman Miller piece.

Investment Details

The plywood Eames chairs are a much sought-after piece of history. Investment value varies dependent upon age and the all wood chairs are the chairs, unsurprisingly, are the version that most increase over time. The later variants with metal frames are still reasonable investment pieces.

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