Navy Blue Pair (2) Herman Miller Original Vintage Eames DSW Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

The combination of the inky, fibrous, navy blue original Herman Miller fiberglass Eames side shells with their light maple wood DSW bases look amazing. A rare colour to find, especially ones that have not faded over time, these gorgeous seat tops simply draw the eye into their deep colour and lead it around the rich fibers which are flecked throughout. Available as a pair or on their own, these chairs will embolden any space they are placed into and will prove to be easy conversation starters.

The Eames shells were produced in the 1950s, with early prototypes of the armchairs beginning in the late 1940s, and have continued to be a highly popular piece of art and furniture. The earlier versions of the arm and side shells are defined by their highly fibrous finish whilst later versions displayed a bolder colour. These particular chairs display a network of fibers, crisscrossing all over the shells which help define them as earlier versions of the side shell.

Individual Characteristics

The deep colours of these shells really are exquisite since they have not been bleached over time. With only some light markings common with age, these shells are otherwise in very good condition.

The ‘S’ inside the circle suggests these shells originate from Herman Millers’ Summit factory.

Investment Details

Eames shells are very popular pieces, not only as chairs but as design pieces. Their value is determined by many various factors but the ones that are usually the first to define its value are the age of the shell, its factory of origin, the colour of the shell and, of course, its condition. These shells are in great condition and the colour is exceptional for their age. As a pair they should prove to be great investment pieces.