Oak Howard Miller Original George Nelson Model 622 Grandfather Clock

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Product Description

A fantastic vintage piece. This all original George Nelson designed grandfather clock, model number 622, for Howard Miller keeps time perfectly and looks superb. One of many designs by George Nelson for the Howard Miller clock company, this piece draws upon the iconic grandfather clocks and modernizes it with its rounded edges and all glass front revealing the inner workings of the clock. With the iconic hands, this is an unmistakable classic.

Although a separate company today, Howard Miller, Herman Miller’s son, began the clock and, to a lesser degree light, company was founded in 1926 and produced a wide-variety of clocks. They began producing grandfather clocks in the 1960s, right in the midst of the modernistic style which was gripping the western hemisphere. This style was typical of the era, to take something that had been done before and re-do it either through re-styling it or simply improving upon it. This clock is the perfect example of this design mind-set and helped, with many others, make Howard Miller one of the largest grandfather clock manufacturers in the world.

Individual Characteristics

The clock has recently been professionally serviced and so keeps time perfectly. It is in excellent vintage condition with only a small crack on the underside of the plastic case – this does not inhibit structural integrity and is reflected in the price.

The clock strikes accurately on each hour - chiming the correct number of times to the hour - and chimes once at every half hour.

The Howard Miller label indicates it is an original piece produced by the Howard Miller clock corporation.

Investment Details

As an iconic piece of history this is a great investment piece. George Nelson’s work is highly coveted and his pieces can command rather reasonable prices. This combined with being a Howard Miller piece means this clock is a fantastic statement piece and makes for a very interesting investment piece.

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