Ochre Herman Miller Original Eames DSW Side Shell Chair

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Product Description

This great condition Herman Miller ochre Eames side shell chair has retained its deep colour and sits upon a dark wood DSW base making it that bit more special. The soft colour of the top will add warmth to any room it is kept in whilst being an artistic feature of its own accord, whilst the dark wood base compliments the shells soft colour.

The ochre colour was a later introduction for these iconic chairs. When originally produced they were done so in 4 colours: Elephant Grey, Seafoam, Parchment and an Orange/Salmon which are very much sought-after today. As popularity grew, Charles and Ray introduced more colours to widen the range available and, once Herman Miller took over production of the shells, the renowned Alexander Girard was commissioned to help design a multitude of upholstery finishes for the shells as further additions.

Individual characteristics

For its age, this shell is in very good condition. Its colour is still vibrant whilst the only marks present are expected with its age.

The logo places this shell as originating from the Summit factory.

Investment details

Eames products are becoming more coveted as the recognition for their design excellence is gradually being realised. The value of Eames shells and how much interest they will gain depends upon so many different factors. The first editions will always prove to be the most valuable with their worth mostly affected by the condition of the shell and its colour. With later editions, factors like the factory of origin, the colour and if the shell is on its original base all affect its value. With this shell, the colour is still very bold and the shell is in very good condition; it should see slow but steady interest over time.