Ochre Set (6) Herman Miller Vintage Eames DSR Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

These gorgeous, vintage, original ochre Eames side shells for Herman Miller on used DSR bases really are fantastic versions of the iconic shell chair. The distinctive colour has not been marred by time, retaining its strong, bold finish and sat on the black DSR bases these chairs work perfectly as living or dining chairs.

The shells were initially produced in 4 colours but with their success, more colours were made available. Ochre, especially like this excellent example, was introduced and proved to also be a success. Once Herman Miller took complete control of the production process, more colours were made available thus helping to establish the success the Eames shell chairs saw.

Individual Characteristics

The shells are in fantastic vintage condition with no chips or dents, only natural wear expected with being nearly 50 years old. The bold colour has not faded over time.

The ‘C’ with star indicates these shells originate from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati factory.

Investment Details

Eames shells vary in terms of investment value due to so many factors. The age, origin and colour of the shell coupled with its condition are key aspects along with the originality of the base the shell is upon. These particular shells being such a rich shade of Ochre and being in good condition should prove to be reasonable investment pieces.

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