Old Sun Herman Miller Original Alexander Girard Enrichment Panel

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Product Description

A very rare find indeed, this pristine Enrichment panel called Old Sun designed by Alexander Girard is in excellent condition having been well looked after. Designed for the La Fonda restaurant in New York, and kept in such good condition by the ex-Herman Miller employee who owned it, the depth of colour has not been faded by age and the sun still shines as strongly as it did the day it was produced.

Girard drew upon his big interest in folk art to create this particular Enrichment Panel. His work for La Fonda meant he could tap into this interest resulting in his producing some truly beautiful and inspiring pieces. The sun symbol in this particular panel appears in many of his designs and with a variety of different faces. This panel will light up any room you place it in – just keep away from sunlight!

Individual Characteristics

The Panel is in fantastic vintage condition after being lovingly looked after. The Panel has not faded over time, retaining its strong depth of colour.

The stitched signature indicates the Enrichment Panel is one of the earliest versions of these amazing pieces.

The metal bars through the top and bottom of the panel have small holes through them to make mounting to the wall secure.


46.06 in. (117cm) Height x 46.65 in. (118.50cm) Width

Investment Value

As an original Enrichment Panel you could not ask for better. These pieces have always commanded a high asking price but have never lost this due to being so iconic. This particular piece being in such great condition and having the heritage behind it should prove to be a very good investment prospect.