Olive Green Set (4) Herman Miller Vintage Eames DSW Side Shell Chairs

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Product Description

A matching set of original, vintage Herman Miller Olive Green Eames DSW Chairs with an eye catching gold tinge to the fibres are complimented by the used light maple DSW bases. A rather unique finish to these chair tops makes them a rarer version of the iconic chair to own.

The history of these chairs has been well versed, along with their versatility, and they are very popular today due to this. These particular examples live up to the original ambition of Charles and Ray since they are of the earlier, original production style and are still as strong as the day they were made. Older versions of the tops are denoted by their highly textured fibrous finish in the tops, though these have the added quality of the golden tinge to them.

The chairs are capable of being used anywhere you choose, as dining chairs, living chairs or even as office chairs and this set of gorgeous chairs will adorn whichever environment you choose to place them into.

Individual Characteristics

The side tops are in very good condition for their age with only some light marking evident, commonplace with the long life these chairs have had.

One chair does have a cut on one edge which has taken a small section from it. The integrity of the chair is still excellent but it visually impairs the chair slightly - price reflects this.

The golden fibres really set these chairs apart from the rest and some light cleaning will help them sparkle again.

Investment Details

The investment value of these beautiful chairs depends on many factors: the age and condition of the shell, the rarity of its colour, the age of the base and where the shell was produced. Whilst all of the shell chairs are viable investments, these pieces rate higher due to their colour and highly textured finish making them a slightly rarer version.