Orange Herman Miller Vintage Eames RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

An excellent example of a vintage, original, orange Eames arm shell chair for Herman Miller has retained its deep colour and is bolstered by its used RAR base. A historically interesting chair, the orange shells were notorious for fading over time, but this gorgeous example has stood the test of time well and looks almost new! Sitting on its rocking base, this chair is the perfect example of the iconic shell chair.

When the shells were first introduced, the arm in 1950 and the side later in 1952/53, they were available in four colours: seafoam, elephant hide grey, parchment and greige. As the shells became more popular, new colours were introduced, including orange. Many of the earliest orange shells faded over time, creating distinctly unique, and rather beautiful, shades of the original orange. Later versions from the Summit Plastics factory and the Cincinnati factory, were a deeper orange and this example displays just how deep the orange available really was.

Individual Characteristics

This shell is in great vintage condition with no chips or cracks and with only some natural signs of wear, whilst the bold colour has not faded over time.

The ‘S’ within the circle embossed on the underside of the shell indicates it is from Herman Miller’s Summit Plastics factory.

Investment Details

The Eames’s work is highly coveted. From their artwork to their furniture, their work attracts interest from everywhere. The shells are great investment piece, especially vintage ones. Like many things, their age, factory of origin and even colour can affect the shells’ value. This gorgeous example is a fantastic version of the iconic arm shell in an untarnished deep orange colour. This chair should see modest interest over time.

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