Orange Herman Miller Vintage Eames Upholstered RAR Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

This fantastic late 60s/early 70s example of an original Herman Miller Eames orange arm shell chair is finished with an orange fabric, very typical of the era. Sat upon its original used light wood RAR rocking base, this chair really captures the essence of the bright style of the time, perfect proof of the versatility of these famed chairs.

The vision of the Eames’s was to produce a chair that was both versatile and be produced from one flowing piece. Originally, their dream was to achieve this through wood, one piece of flowing wood to create the perfect chair. Due to moulding techniques, this was not achievable. However, this allowed for the development of the iconic shell chair; one flowing piece of plastic mixed with fiberglass. This combination allowed for easy colour variations to be produced and meant the chair was cheap and strong whilst being light and extremely durable.

Alexander Girard, a great friend of Charles Eames, was introduced to Herman Miller by Eames himself and his love for his friend’s chairs meant he naturally assisted with designing upholstered finishes for the iconic shells. This particular example combines a deep orange shell with an orange Naugahyde fabric.

Individual Characteristics

The shell is in brilliant vintage condition. There are no cracks or dents and the deep orange is gorgeous. The fabric is also in good condition with no lifts or tears.

The logo on the underside of the shell indicates it originates from Herman Miller’s Cincinnati factory.

Investment Details

Eames shells are a highly desirable piece to own, being such fantastic works of art whilst also being fantastically versatile and comfortable chairs. The age of the shell, its condition, colour and even the base it is on all affect the investment value. This shell is a rather unique orange fabric on orange shell should see reasonable interest due to its’ great condition.