Salmon Herman Miller Original Eames DAX Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

This highly fibrous, deep orange original Herman Miller Eames arm shell on vintage DAX base really will brighten up any home or office space it is placed into. The depth of the salmon is beautifully complemented by the spider-web of fibres and the black finish of the original base.

The Eames shells changed little over their long production era, but one noticeable difference between older and newer shells is the fibrous finish of the shells. Older shells have a highly fibrous finish, adding extra texture to the finish. Later shells have a much bolder finish to their base colour.

The Eames shells come in a variety of colours and, due to their popularity at the time of production, Herman Miller commissioned the famous Alexander Girard to design upholstered fabric and vinyl finishes to adorn the side and arm shells with a wide variety of colours and finishes becoming available.

Individual Characteristics

The salmon of the shell has weathered the test of time exceptionally well, retaining its deep colour and highly fibrous finish.

The black DAX is in good condition and still has its original feet.

Investment Details

The investment value of the Eames shell chairs really does vary depending upon many factors. The age and condition of the shell are easy starting points along with its factory of origin and the colour of the shell. This shell is an early example with its highly fibrous finish and is in very good condition whilst sitting upon an original DAX base meaning it should prove to be a very good investment piece.