White Eero Saarinen Original Knoll Tulip Side Chair and Stool With Black Cushions

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Product Description

A vintage Eero Saarinen and Knoll Tulip Chair and Tulip Stool with original matching hop-sack cushions make for perfect examples from the Pedestal Collection. Designed to do away with the ‘mess of legs under the table’, this flume design has maintained a truly modern, if not futuristic, look since its introduction.

The design was used to create an array of dining furniture, tables, chairs and stools, each of which utilized the single strong metal base. Saarinen constructed miniature ¼ size versions of the chairs as part of the design process, which he placed into a similarly scaled dolls house, and trialed the finished product on friends and family in his home before releasing the design for production by Knoll.

Individual Characteristics

For their age, the chair and stool are in excellent condition. The fiberglass top of the chair is unmarked and has no chips, as is the base, whilst the cushion has no tears in it.

The stool too is in great condition with no marking or paint chips and the cushion has no tears or marks either.

Investment Details

Eero Saarinen is a much celebrated designer and his works are revered for their revolutionizing designs and unbelievable comfort. He applied his knowledge of sculpting to create iconic pieces such as the Pedestal Collection and the Womb Chair and, as a result, his designs garner great interest. As fine examples of what the Pedestal Collection was about, these should see healthy interest, especially as a set.