Black Fritz Hansen Original Arne Jacobsen Oxford Chair and Ottoman

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Product Description

An exquisite, original, Fritz Hansen produced, Arne Jacobsen designed Oxford Chair and Ottoman in black leather really is a statement piece. Designed back in 1963 for Saint Catherine’s college in Oxford, the Oxford chair range featured low and high back chairs and this exceptional piece with its ottoman for the professors from the university. Arne Jacobsen was the key designer when the ‘new’ Saint Catherine’s college was re-designed, helping with everything from the buildings to the light fixings.

Fritz Hansen brought this particular iconic design to production in 1965 and it is still a popular item today. With its wooden frame covered in a fabric or leather of choice, this chair was designed to be a major statement of prestige no matter how the user wanted it to look. The high back version was seen to be the most prestigious due to its high back.

Individual characteristics

The black leather on both the chair and ottoman is in fantastic condition, as are the arms and bases; to find an example of this chair and its ottoman in this condition is a privilege.

Investment details

Though a newer example of this iconic chair, Arne Jacobsen’s work is undoubtedly famous and his pieces have great respect and prove to be brilliant investment pieces, this chair and ottoman set should see the same.