Original Herman Miller Black and Cream Eames DCM Chair

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Product Description

A cream upholstered version of the iconic DCM Dining Chair with Metal Frame and with black exterior is a fantastic variation of this much coveted chair. The trivalent metal-legged frame provides the versatility this chair was designed to provide and with the combination of the upholstery, this chair can be used as a comfortable dining, lounge or even office chair.

The metal legs were a later addition to the DCW all wooden chair designed in the 1940s. The metal legs were introduced as a variant and have proven to be equally popular ever since. The chair is part of the ‘moulded plywood’ range which also includes the LCW and LCM chairs, both being the ‘Lounge’ version of the DC series.

Individual Characteristics

A newer example of these iconic chairs, the frame, upholstery and chair exterior are all in very good condition.

The stamp indicates this chairs is from Herman Miller’s factory in Zeeland, Michigan.  

Investment Details

The moulded plywood range are always a great investment prospect with the much coveted Evan’s versions, the earliest examples, being very highly rated. This chair being a newer one is the only reason the initial price is lower, given time, this should become a modest investment.