Original Herman Miller Vintage Early George Nelson Starburst Clock

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Product Description

A perfect example of a vintage George Nelson Starburst Clock with original backing socket and corresponding plug to wall mount this beautiful clock. George Nelson’s original design for this iconic clock meant it had to be hard-wired into the electrics of the house/office space but meant the clock would sit unhindered on the wall of choice, meaning it would not be marred by wires.

Designed in the 1950s, this iconic time-keeper was quickly produced and sold by Herman Miller along with the likes of the Ball clock and the Eye clock. This addition to the range has proven to be a popular item, which remains the case today. The clocks Nelson produced all proved to be successful, with their timeless looks and time-keeping capabilities, they are a fantastic addition to any home.

Individual Characteristics

It is hard to find a good condition, working example of an original Starburst Clock. The clock itself is in excellent condition with only some small marks, respective of its age, on the spindles. All parts are original and are in working order, all it needs is to be installed into your living/work area.

Investment Details

In this condition, this clock will prove to be a fantastic investment piece as well as a great addition to your chosen environment. George Nelson clocks are very popular pieces and one as early as this that still works is a real gem of a find.

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