Original Vintage Knoll Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair with Blue Upholstery

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Product Description

An original Knoll Harry Bertoia Diamond Chair with blue hopsack fabric covers the black lattice-work frame and makes for an amazing, comfortable, combination. This chair encompasses Bertoia’s own wish to create a chair that was molded to the bodies’ form and was exceptionally comfortable to sit in, though looking at its frame may make you think otherwise.

The Diamond Chair was part of a range of chairs Bertoia designed using the wire frame, sculpted finish, echoing from his strong interest in sculpting. His vision for the Diamond chair, and many of his other chairs, was to create chairs that supported the natural seating position of the body whilst having a ‘light’ and ‘airy’ feel to them from their metal frame. The first prototype of the Bertoia chair was displayed in 1952 and they were in production by the end of 1953. The wider version of this particular chair was introduced in the later 1950s. 

Individual Characteristics

The blue fabric cover is in excellent condition considering the chairs age and so is the frame.

Investment Details

The Diamond Chair is steadily becoming more recognized for its magnificent design and to find one with its original cover is difficult. The age of the chair, of course, affects the investment value of it, but this particular item should appreciate steadily.

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