Green Original Vintage Mid-Century 1940s/1950s Table Lamp

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Product Description

A rather unique find, here we have a mid-century table lamp estimated to be from the late 1940s/early 1950s with original cable which will brighten any table. A simple and yet elegant design, the dome top allows the light to spread out neatly from the lamp whilst its compact design means it will not take up loads of space.

A solid metal frame provides durability and coupled with the distinctive colour this lamp really marries function with form, defining the era.

Individual Characteristics

The lamp is in perfect working order, a quick clean will bring the colour back to life.

For UK or European use an adapter will be required for the USA specification plug.

 Investment Details

As a mid-century piece, which appears to be very hard to come by, you can expect that this lamp should be a reasonable investment prospect, especially if kept in working order.