Black Pair (2) Harry Bertoia Original Knoll Diamond Chairs with Fabric Cover

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Product Description

A pair of original Harry Bertoia Diamond Chairs with black lattice-work frames and a removable cover makes for highly adaptable, and comfortable, chairs. Bertoia designed the Diamond Chair after being asked by Knoll to produce furniture for hospitals, but Bertoia had more interest in producing furniture for healthy bodies. The Diamond chair was one of his earliest pieces designed with this in mind. The shape of the chair allows the user to ‘mold’ into it making the chair surprisingly comfortable even though it is made from a metal grid.

Bertoia was interested in what we now call ‘ergonomics’ and more precisely ergonomics concerning the human form and this led him to the metal grid construction which fascinated him due to the adaptability of metal. Bertoia was also a sculpture, from which he used the skills to shape the metal grid to best suit the human form and resulted in him producing a few chairs with what he described as a ‘light and airy’ design as the focal point.  

Individual Characteristics

In excellent condition for their age, the frames only show natural signs of wear consistent with their age. The covers are the same but a good clean will restore some of their former brilliance.

Investment Details

As mid-century modern icons go, Bertoia’s Diamond chair is steadily growing in popularity and so this pair should see a good amount of interest, helped by their being in such good condition. Still a very modern design even by the standards of today, these chairs can only gather more interest.