Red Harry Bertoia Original Knoll Hairy Diamond Chair by Douglas Homer

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Product Description



An original Harry Bertoia Knoll Hairy Diamond chair with ‘foamy tendrils’ designed by Douglas Homer really does generate excitement when seen in the flesh! The foamy tendrils offer an ‘airy’ feel when sat upon whilst creating the strange yet mesmerizing appearance. The blend of Bertoia’s iconic work with the fresh, and slightly strange, finish from Homer creates a real statement piece which catches everyone’s eye.



Harry Bertoia was approached by Knoll with the intention of creating furniture for hospitals; Bertoia had other ideas in mind. His interests lay more in creating furniture that we would now call ‘ergonomic’. He utilized his love of sculpting to create furniture that fitted the human form like a glove and, especially in terms of the Diamond Chair, something that would allow the user to sit in almost any position they wanted and still be comfortable, whilst giving them an ‘airy feel’ by making them out of strong metal wire.



Individual characteristics



This particular example was presented to the famous Douglas Homer as a canvas which he quickly utilised and covered with these foamy tendrils. It is in good condition with only natural wear expected with age.



The chair frame is in very good condition for its age.



Investment details



Harry Bertoia’s work is steadily growing in recognition and so his pieces are starting to see their prices increase. The Diamond Chair is perhaps one of his most famous chairs from the wire collection and this particular example has the added factor of being artistically finished by the iconic Douglas Homer. Expect to see this chair gain interest over the coming years.



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