All Green Pair (2) Original Vintage Lawrence Peabody Moulded Fiberglass Arm Chairs

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Product Description

A pair of Lawrence Peabody fiberglass arm chairs in dark green with green bases. Also available as a pair, these chairs embody the era of fiberglass design. Believe it or not, many concur that it's design actually pre-dates the more famous and illustrious Eames Shell Chairs. They were certainly peers and Peabody was also a leading architect of the time, just like Charles Eames.

There is confusion about these pieces on the internet. We often see them credited to Luther Conover which is not correct.

There were three base types that were produced for these chairs. The 'bar stool' square base which is the most common, the rarer x base (these two) and the even rarer rocking base. 

Individual Characteristics

These chairs have clearly had some life and it adds to the character of the 60 year old items. This does reflect in the lower than normal price for this design despite the rarer base type.

The green fiberglass has some paint spots here and there which could certainly be restored. There are also dinks and small mis-configurations along some of the edges, but all in all the price represents a great deal for a very early mid-century design of note.

Investment Details

Peabody chairs in excellent condition and in sets of more than 2 can reach higher prices these days. Due to the used condition of this pair, the investment will grow more slowly.