Parchment 1st Generation Zenith Rope Edge Vintage Eames DAX Arm Shell Chair

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Product Description

A vintage 1st generation rope edge Zenith parchment Eames arm shell with gorgeous spider-web of fibres is exemplary sitting on an original DAX base. The flawless finish of the aged shell with the distinctive fibrous finish and rope molding marks around the edge means this chair is as much joy to look at as it is to sit in! Parchment was one of the four colours the chairs were first produced in and this particular example has stood the test of time exceptionally well.

Zenith Plastics were the first factory Eames used to produce the shell chairs and were only used for a short period in the early 1950s before Herman Miller moved production closer to the East Coast. The X base was one of the first bases introduced for the shells and, though it looks somewhat plainer than the likes of the Eiffel or Dowel wooden base, the solid and highly versatile nature of the X base has meant it has remained a popular choice for these particular shells.

Individual Characteristics

A rope edged, 1st generation Zenith arm shell in such good condition is very hard to find and this particular version is excellent for its age; it as not faded and the finish of the fibres is stunning. There are no cracks or dents.

The original checker-board sticker on the underside of the shell helps identify it as a 1st generation Zenith top.

The mounts have been changed to smaller, later versions some time before we acquired the chair.

The DAX base is as solid as the day it was produced. It has a natural vintage patina you would expect with its age.

Investment Details

Eames shells vary in terms of investment value due to so many factors. The age, origin and colour of the shell coupled with its condition are key aspects along with the originality of the base the shell is upon. Since this is a 1st generation Zenith top, in such great condition, sat upon an original DAX Base, this chair will prove to be a fantastic investment piece.